How To Get Action With Your CTA

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How To Get Action With Your CTA
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With “How To Get Action With Your CTA”, I’m going to give you tried and true, irresistible methods to get that button clicked!


What is CTA?

Most of you reading this probably know what CTA is, but for those of you who don’t… CTA stands for – Call To Action. It’s when visitors come to your website, landing page or even in your emails and you want them to take a certain action. So you have that “button” that reads “click here” or “grab this”, whatever it is that you want them to do, hoping they will take your offer.

So, maybe your CTAs aren’t working very well for you. You have some awesome printables that you want to share with your readers in exchange for their email address and it’s just not going the way you thought it would.

How do we as marketers get them to take that specific action, that we want them to take? Well, it might not seem easy but with the correct things in place, you can make it irresistible!

How to Make Your CTA Irresistible.

*Use the “voice of the customer” like: “Heck yes I want that!” or “Show me the goods!” People really like this. You think… hey, that’s what I was thinking or that sounds just like me!

*Use the tried and true “freebies” or “free trials”. People absolutely love these!

*Make it simple and easy to understand. Simplicity is very effective in persuading people to click your CTA. Nothing too complicated or they may just run the other way.

*Come up with something more unique than just “click here” or “subscribe.” Try something like this: “Grab Your Free Workflow Cheat Sheet Instantly” or “Yes I Want To Organize My Life!” Mix it up a bit!

*By the way… being direct is next on the list. You want your readers to completely understand what action they should take and what they’ll get for taking that action. You don’t want to leave them guessing or they may just leave and do nothing.

*Use a sense of urgency like “get it now for 50% off” or “grab this immediately and you get this free bonus too.”

*Pique their curiosity like, “Get this now, to see the next new bonus”  or “this will help your business starting today!” Whatever you are talking about, make sure you are solving a problem and giving them a ton of value! People will remember this and be grateful for it.

*The other thing I need to mention is the button itself. Although you can use many different button styles or pretty much whatever you can dream up, as your button… they say the rectangular style button has the greatest click rate. Although, like I said… you never know, it isn’t like the rectangular style button is the only one that works. Your button, the color and the placement all matter as well. Just keep all that in mind as you try different buttons.

Example of an Irresistible CTA

Now I want to show you an extremely effective CTA using “subscribe”, even though I just said to come up with something more unique… doesn’t mean it will never work. That is why I stress that you need to try different options. Check out how clever this is from the Merriam-Webster website:


Screenshot from Merriam-Webster dictionary website optin
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It’s simple, cute, funny and direct. Very awesome!


Make sure to try these proven tips to help you come up with an irresistible CTA. Try different CTAs and see what works best with your audience and what will skyrocket your optin rates!

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