How To Get Your Financial Act Together Quickly!

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Do you get sick of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you sometimes run out of money even before you get your next paycheck? Going out to eat, shopping or even going to Hershey Park 😍… is not going to happen this week because there is no extra money. You need to Get Your Financial Act Together and I’m going to show you How To Get Your Financial Act Together Quickly!


Types of Expenses

There are 2 main types of expenses. Recurring expenses and one time expenses.

Recurring expenses can include your house payment, rent, electric , gas, water, cable or even a car payment. You expect these every month, so you definitely should have those on your radar and in your budget. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t possibly over spending on some of those. You can definitely do some research and at least get some of your bills lowered.

The one time expenses, if you don’t pay attention can really do some damage. Like buying things you don’t really need, just because they’re on sale… not a good thing! Then there are one time expenses you may not have control over, like a leaky roof. That’s where your emergency fund can help… you absolutely need to save, even if it’s small amounts at a time. You need to have savings so you don’t go broke when these expenses hit you because if you don’t, you’ll be robbing Peter to pay Paul. So definitely watch your spending on the one time expenses that you do have control over.

Track your Expenses

Keep track of everything you owe and write it down! This is the best way, just like balancing a checkbook, you need to have it right in front of you so you can see exactly what money comes in, what money goes out and how much money you have left. To track your expenses and help you organize, get our ❤️️Free Budget Worksheet.

You can also track your entire portfolio with Personal Capital, this is a really smart way to track and manage your financial life! You can see all your accounts in one place, monitor your investments, uncover any hidden fees you may have and even plan for your retirement. So you can track not only your bank accounts BUT your 401k, IRA, investments, stocks and even your debt all on your Personal Capital dashboard. Just click on their name above or the banner below and check out their FREE Financial Tools that over 2.4 million people are using right now!

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Ways To Save Money

This is where you need to prioritize and also sacrifice a little. If you go out to eat three times a week, cut back to one. It definitely saves you a lot of money when you buy groceries and cook at home.

One of the absolute best ways I’ve gotten literally hundreds of dollars back on grocery shopping is from Ibotta. It’s so simple to use and since we all need to buy food… if your not using this app, you’re really missing out! Click on their name to check them out and sign up, you can thank me later.


Another way you can really save is by using Rakuten. Whether you shop online or in store, at Amazon, Ebay, Freshly, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Old Navy, Sephora, Travelocity, Uber, Walmart… oh my gosh, the list goes on and on… Rakuten is going to give you cash back. There are so many stores and businesses that they work with, even car rentals. Check them out below and you’ll get $10 if decide to give them a try.




It really is amazing how much money you miss out on if you don’t use those 2 Must Have Apps!

You can see more information here:


Another incredibly awesome way to save is with Self. This company has helped me not only save money 💵💰(I’m talking like a little nest egg, not cash back) but also repaired my credit score in record time! They really are amazing and they report to all 3 credit bureaus, not just one like most banks and credit unions do. Seriously check them out, I know they can help you! See their information below:


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Get Your Financial Act Together!

The simplest, most common sense thing to do is to spend less than you make. I’m sure you’d be surprised at the amount of people who do not live within their means. That being said… none of us are perfect but we can work towards the goal of Financial Freedom.

The money management formula of 50/30/20 is pretty significant. 50% for your expenses, 30% for your wants and 20% for your savings. I know at times you may need to adjust that a little but it is a good starting point.

You definitely don’t want your debt to linger for years, who needs that added stress!? I know that if you take action with this, you can really make a difference in your finances quickly.

Another exciting way to save money is to take The Reverse $1000 Challenge. It’s a very doable way to save $1000 in just over 6 months without stretching your finances to the limit and it really helps to discipline you with your savings.

Another thing I need to mention is side hustles. If you want to move even faster towards financial freedom… make more money! Here are a couple links to some easy side hustles you can literally start today:

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Now it’s time for you to take action. Stay focused, productive, thankful and giving. The Lord wants you to live an abundant, prosperous life and fulfill your God given purpose. 

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To your success!


If you’d like to earn a substantial amount of money and work towards your Financial Freedom… let me take you step by step with How To Start A Blog To Make Money. ❤️️You can definitely do it and it can totally change your life!

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