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-Get paid for playing games, coaching or even writing.

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Updated 3/31/2020

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Do you Love To Play Video Games? Yes, you read that right, you can get paid to play video games. This is like a dream come true for gamers. Also, if you’re really good at certain games you could coach others or you could even write about games.

So if you’re a gamer 🎮, maybe you’ll just find your dream job with one of the companies listed below.


The first company was created to help game developers learn more about what players think about their games and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. For you, it’s a chance to make some money on the side while improving mobile games!

The company is PlaytestCloud. They are the solution for modern and effortless mobile usability and playtesting. Their mission is to build the best usability playtesting tools for game studios.

The reward payment for each playtest can vary depending on the tasks required during the playtests and the length of the playtest itself. PlaytestCloud will always let you know how much the reward payment is in the invitation email they send you.

Generally, a 15 minute playtest and survey will have a reward of $9 USD (they also make payments in GBP) but if you are ever unsure, please check the invitation email for the reward amount.

So as a playtester this is how it works:

  1. They send games to your email address
  2. Think out loud while you play
  3. Get paid via PayPal

So sign up today with PlaytestCloud and earn some extra fun money, while playing games.


 The next company is Gamer Sensei. Where you can become a gaming coach, or what they call a “sensei”. You’ll give live one-on-one personalized lessons to gamers of all skill levels across today’s most popular titles.

Your one-on-one coaching will help them get better faster and achieve their gaming goals.

Interested in becoming a sensei? They have a rigorous screening process to ensure only the highest quality coaches join their platform. Do you have what it takes?

Sign up today with Gamer Sensei and give it a try.

The other awesome thing about Gamer Sensei, is if you wanted to join a Fortnite tournament (or whatever), you can have one of their Senseis coach you to build your skill level and possibly win some big cash!


The last company is Onyx Path Publishing.  They’re always on the lookout for new writers, editors and game ideas!

I also see that they have Art submission guidelines! How cool is that?

The game systems they support include:

  • Scarred Lands and Legendlore (5e OGL)
  • Scion, Trinity Continuum, They Came from Beneath the Sea and Dystopia Rising (Storypath)
  • World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition
  • Chronicles of Darkness 2nd Edition
  • Exalted 3rd Edition
  • Pugmire and Monarchies of Mau
  • Cavaliers of Mars


Click on their name, Onyx Path Publishing, to read their submission guidelines.

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