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Since email is the marketing channel that is preferred by consumers to communicate with businesses, Simple Email Marketing Automation is a must.

Did you know that email marketing has an average ROI of 4200%? That’s right, email generates $42 for every $1 spent. Email is still one of the most effective marketing options. So, if you’re a business owner and you’re not using email marketing automation, you are seriously missing out on saving yourself a ton of time, stress and money.

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What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation is a way to create emails that reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time and without doing that work every-single-time.

Once your email automation is set up, it’s going to flow automatically. When someone comes to your online store or website and they make a purchase or sign up for your email list, your email marketing automation is going to automatically send out personalized, timely, relevant emails.


Types of Email Automation 

Welcome series – When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they automatically get a welcome series of emails that can include: a very personable welcome and thank you for signing up, an email about your company and how you can help them, offer a special deal, give them a free welcome gift or even have them take a short quiz.

Campaign or Promotion – These are coordinated content pieces that you create and distribute over a certain period of time, to achieve a specific goal. It can be anything from your latest office finds, to a sale or even promoting your eBook. Build authority for your brand.

E-commerce – Email automation for E-commerce is an excellent way to build trust and successfully keep your customers coming back for more. This can easily be accomplished by segmenting them by their interests and not sending them things that they’re not interested in.

Date based – Everybody likes to get something special for their birthday or anniversary. With email automation, it’s easy to treat your customers on their special days and let them know they’re important to your business.

Reminder – These can be sent out for just about anything you want to remind your customer about. Examples: a sale, an abandoned cart, a release of a new eBook, a webinar, a video… and the list goes on.


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Benefits of Email Automation

Save an incredible amount of time (save a ton of our MOST VALUABLE resource)

Lead generator (more customers = more sales)

Increase revenue (remember the ROI, spend $1… earn $42)

Customer retention (keep your customers coming back for more)

Track and monitor your campaigns (important data as to what is and isn’t working)

It works (simple as that… it does work)

You can expand your reach and find new customers with sign-up forms and list-building tools like Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can easily personalize and increase your relevant marketing communications, all while reducing the amount of time spent on email marketing.

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What Email Marketing Software is the Best?

The best email marketing software is the one that has:

Best-In-Class Email Deliverability

Easy-To-Use Platform

Powerful Tools To Grow Your List

The Right Integrations

Award-Winning Customer Service

Success That You Can Actually See

That email marketing software is… Constant Contact. They offer a powerful suite of digital marketing tools that simplify online marketing for small businesses and nonprofits. Whether it’s driving sales, growing a customer base or engaging an audience, they combine the right tools, advice and award-winning support that deliver results.

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 Create an Email for FREE

No risk. No credit card required.

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Email marketing automation increases efficiency and gives you back valuable time that can be spent on other work that requires your attention.

With Constant Contact you’ll have everything you need to build, grow and succeed. If you’re ready to get BIG RESULTS for your small business, click below.


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To Your Success!

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