The Best Freelance Writing Gig!

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 – updated 10/18/2019 –

The Best Freelance Writing Gig
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This is The Best Freelance Writing Gig and I don’t mean your typical “content mill”, you can actually make $60-$70/hr. Pretty awesome huh? And you can work from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable phone, internet connection and you do your job well.


The Company

is Scribe Media and their mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish and market their book.

The role or position is called:
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they say you could compare it to a “ghostwriter” or possibly even “co-writer,” and with this position you may have the opportunity to move to full time.


Necessary skills and qualifications:

  • High-level book experience
  • Excellent writing
  • Excellent editing skills
  • Good people/interviewing skills
  • Organized
  • Detail oriented


Apply Today and you can expect to hear back from them either way within 2 weeks.

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