What Am I Thankful For?

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What Am I Thankful For?
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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, it seems like the perfect time to ask ourselves, What Am I Thankful For? I know with all our day to day issues it can really be easy to focus on what goes wrong and not the many things in our lives that go right.


What Am I Thankful For?

I’m not just talking about physical things like our cars or houses, but for everything. Being thankful for our health, thankful for our family and friends and thankful for our jobs. Even though they may not be perfect, they can still be such a blessing. Most of all for myself, I am thankful for our forgiving, loving Lord. He is so much bigger than any problem we could ever face.

We do need to take time for what really matters. I know we can get so wrapped up in our business activities and day to day dealings that it isn’t always easy to, “stop and smell the roses.”


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Thankful Quotes

While money is a huge part of our lives it should never be the center of our lives. I saw a quote from a lady named Linda Poindexter. She said, “If we counted our blessings instead of our money, we would all be rich.” I thought that was very cool!

I also saw a great quote from Max Lacado, “Gratitude lifts our eyes off the things we lack so we might see the blessings we possess.” How true. That reminds me of the saying, a thankful heart really is a happy heart!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today. This is just a wonderful time to let us reflect and look at what went right, instead of what went wrong in our lives.

I hope you all have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


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