8 Week Christmas Challenge

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8 Week Christmas Challenge
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It’s almost 2 months until Christmas eve! So it’s time to do our 8 Week Christmas Challenge. This is for you to have some extra money at Christmas! Whether you like to go shopping on Christmas eve or even if you’ve forgotten anything you’ll be so glad you have this extra cash! Better yet, you could grab an after Christmas bargain and stash the rest away.

This time of year it seems like there’s always something that you need to buy. Whether it’s Christmas gifts, food, gas, whatever it is… the money will definitely come in handy.

I know you can do it! I didn’t do a crazy amount of money so you won’t go broke. This challenge is very doable and it’s awesome because it really helps to discipline your spending.

The other thing that is so important, is having this challenge in front of you everyday. Hang it on the fridge, in your office, wherever it makes the most sense for you. So let’s get started… Happy Saving!


Click below and let the challenge begin!

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If you would love to save even more money on Christmas, whether it’s food, gifts or even travel make sure you get the 2 must have apps. You’ll love them!


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