How To Save A Ton Of Money On Your Groceries

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We all know that grocery shopping is a major expense and that’s why I’m going to show you something you definitely don’t want to do and How To Save a Ton of Money on Your Groceries.

There are many awesome ways to save on grocery shopping like paper coupons, digital coupons and cash back apps. The one I want to tell you about is Ibotta.Β This app has literally saved me hundreds of dollars, not only on groceries but so many other items as well.

Another thing that is really important to help you save money on groceries or whatever you’re buying is to write a list. If you really try to just stick to your list it’ll save you a ton of money. Impulse buying can be the death of your bank account.😜

Click below to grab your free grocery list.



Don’t Do This…


This one thing has cost me quite a bit of money in the past and I’m sure at least some of you probably can relate. So, what is that one thing we don’t want to do? It’s going to the grocery store when you’re hungry. I know it seems kind of like… duh… but I know many times I didn’t even give it a second thought and it’s crazy how much more money I spent. I’m not saying you need to eat a full course meal but even if you just have a snack before you go, that’ll help so much! So next time you head out to go grocery shopping, make sure to eat something before you leave the house.🍐


Save Money On Your Groceries

Now on to saving even more money on your groceries. First of all, one thing I want you to consider is growing some of your own fruits and vegetables. πŸ‘ πŸ… Even if you live in the city or don’t have a garden… grow them inside or on your patio. You could even grow your own spices, they’re pretty easy to grow. Trust me, I don’t have a green thumb and if I can do it, anybody can… seriously. I bet if you do grow some of your own food, you’ll notice a HUGE difference in taste. Homegrown is always better.

So here is how I’ve saved hundreds of dollars (literally), on my groceries by using Ibotta. This app is so awesome and so easy to use. It’s good for so many things, not only groceries. You can also save on travel, sporting goods, pet supplies, entertainment, restaurants, bars, home improvement and the list goes on.

Here are some of the retailers Ibotta works with: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Aldi, CVS, Dollar General, Sam’s Club, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree, Trader Joe’s, Sheetz, Wawa, Liquor Stores, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Grubhub, Texas Roadhouse, Chili’s and many more.

Β How Ibotta Works

Β πŸ’ In-Store Shopping ~

Β πŸ”ΈLink your loyalty accounts from your favorite retailers and when you use your linked loyalty accounts at checkout, your purchases will be linked to qualifying offers on your list. You’ll then see the cash back in your Ibotta earnings within 24 hours! Β 

Β πŸ”ΈSubmit receipts from your shopping trips to the Ibotta app. You would just choose a retailer, add the offers for the products you plan to buy and after you check out, simply submit a photo of your receipt in the app to get cash back on all qualifying purchases! You’ll see your cash back in your Ibotta earnings within 24 hours.

Β πŸ”ΈUse Pay with Ibotta in-store at more than 50 national retailers and restaurants to instantly earn up to 10% cash back on your entire purchase. To get started, you connect a credit or debit card in the Ibotta app. When you use Pay with Ibotta at checkout, you’ll earn instant cash back on your entire purchase. Plus, you can upload a receipt from your trip to earn even more cash back on individual offers and your earnings will really stack up.

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 🍐 Shop Online ~

Β πŸ”ΈIf you’re going to shop on your phone just download the app, choose the site you want to visit, shop as usual and the app will calculate your cash back and add it to your Ibotta earnings.

Β πŸ”ΈShopping on your computer? Just add the Ibotta extension to your browser, create your account and activate it to start earning your cash back!

BONUS: Nearby Store Alerts

You can enable Nearby Offer Alerts and you’ll never miss an opportunity for cash back! Ibotta will let you know when you’re near an Ibotta retailer so you can earn even more when you’re
shopping. To enable, navigate to AccountΒ >Β SettingsΒ >Β Preferences
and turn onΒ Nearby Offer Alerts.


Make sure you give Ibotta a try, you can shop in store, online or even get delivery. You can also get some cash for sharing it with your friends (like I’m doing). The money really adds up quickly… I promise you’re going to love this app. Just click below to sign up.

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Save even more money on practically everything! Click below.↓

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