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I’m going to show you How To Rock Instagram… and with this powerful platform, you’ll see how anyone can use Instagram to design their ideal life. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with over 1 billion users every month! There are 200 million Instagram users that visit at least one business profile daily and the advertising potential with Instagrams reach… is over 849 million! It’s no wonder more and more big brands are shifting to the digital marketing space, it’s incredibly powerful.💪👊 

📷Make Instagram Work For You

First, make sure that you have an Instagram Business Account. Below are 5 easy steps to create an Instagram business account:

  1. From your existing profile in the mobile app, click on Settings (If you don’t have a profile yet, just install Instagram on your device and follow the prompts to create a personal profile).
  2. Click on Edit Profile
  3. Choose Switch to Professional Account
  4. Choose Business
  5. On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, review your business’ contact information, make any changes and tap Done.

You can Rock Instagram easily for your business with your new Instagram Smart Assistant! This is Tailwind’s newly revamped dashboard, where you’ll create scroll-stopping Instagram posts and have your best Instagram feed ever!

Tailwind is an official Instagram partner so you get direct posting to Instagram with business profiles.😍 Tailwind offers strong analytics functionality such as profile metrics, virality, engagement benchmarks and trend reporting… plus the scheduling functionality is second to none.

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You’ll be able to create a week of perfectly optimized Instagram posts in 15 minutes, then forget about social media all week long.

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The Old Way

Time-Wasting Guesses

Spend hours scraping together new post ideas

Guess which times & hashtags will get your posts discovered

Update your bio link by hand, over and over


The New Way

Smart Assistant

Visually plan your Instagram feed with built-in Content Plans

✅Confidently optimize each post to stand out with SmartSchedule & Hashtag Finder

✅Smart.Bio auto-updates your links in the background

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📷How To Rock Instagram With Smart Assistant

📱Content- Not sure what to post? Content plans provide you with ready to use post ideas. They’re customized to your business type, so you’re always ready to create. Tailwind likens it to marketing Mad Libs for your Instagram caption! 😜 

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🔷You can keep track of what and when to post with the color-coded plans on your 9-grid, so you can always stay consistent.

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🔷You can make sure your feed is always looking perfect with the 9-grid preview and the drag-and-drop scheduling.

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🔷Once your grid is planned and ready to go, you can use the Auto-publishing tool to post your images and videos without having to do anything else.

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📱Tailwind’s Smart Schedule- Will help you get more out of every post because it’ll help you pick the best times to post, based on when your audience is most engaged. 


📱Hashtag Finder + Hidden Hashtags- This will allow you to get the perfect mix of relevant hashtags, so you’ll get discovered by more of the right followers. If you’d rather not have your hashtags be published in your caption, they’ll automatically publish them as the first comment! 

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📱Smart.Bio- You can drive more traffic 24/7 from your Instagram posts with, Tailwind’s auto-updating bio link tool. You can create a branded landing page that sends a never-ending stream of traffic from your Instagram bio to your most important content. So it’s easy to see why people loveSmart.Bio:

🔷Promote Your Content- Add links to your offers, courses, blog posts, ebooks, store and more.


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🔷Deliver Qualified Leads- Make the most of every post with links that drive traffic to the right content.

🔷Sell Your Products- Turn your Instagram followers into sales.

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📱Unsplash Integration- You’ll get professional looking Instagram posts even if you’re not a professional photographer. With Tailwind’s Unsplash integration, you can search their library of free stock images to schedule to your Instagram feed. 

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 It’s so easy to see why Instagram and Tailwind are such a powerful way to grow your business. You’re absolutely going to Rock Your Instagram! Grab Tailwind today and start using all these new scroll-stopping features, plus all the other awesome features over 500,000 members absolutely love💖 with Tailwind!

🔷Visually plan your feed with a drag and drop grid planner

🔷Stay consistent with built-in content plans and post inspiration

🔷Mad-lib style caption suggestions to keep your creativity flowing

🔷Confidently optimize each post to stand out with Smart Schedule & Hashtag Finder

🔷Drive More Traffic 24/7 with an Auto-Updating Bio Link

🔷Schedule on-the-go with revamped mobile apps


PLUS the tried and true Tailwind for Instagram features:


🔷Saved hashtag lists

🔷Hide hashtags in first comment

🔷Tag users and locations

🔷Schedule videos

🔷Schedule stories

🔷Photo cropping

🔷Batch scheduling

🔷Re-gram Instagram posts

🔷Profile analytics

🔷Post inspector

🔷Summary email reports

🔷Multiple accounts

🔷Invite teammates

🔷Synced mobile and desktop apps

🔷100% Safe to Use. Tailwind is an official Instagram and Pinterest Partner tool.

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Here’s to you… Rocking Your Instagram with Tailwind!

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