The BEST Cleaning Product and You Can Eat It??

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Updated 4/5/2020

The BEST Cleaning Product and You Can Eat It
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Yes, I know the title of this blog post sounds crazy but it’s true. This is The BEST Cleaning Product and You Can Actually Eat It. There are tons of cleaning products out there but most of them are actually quite pricey and God only knows what kind of ingredients they put in that stuff. Hashtag not safe! That’s why it’s so much better to use something natural. Hashtag safe!

What can you do with this cleaning product?

That is a loaded question… you can do so much with this product, even more than I have listed in this post.

This stuff is actually quite amazing! It cleans everything from the wheels on your car to greasy hand prints on your walls, from your oven to your floors to your laundry and on and on. 

Can you really eat this stuff?? Absolutely. Some of the ways that you can eat this are in a salad,  as a condiment and in pickled eggs. So, what is this little miracle?

What is this amazing product?

It’s white vinegar. White vinegar is just an awesome cleaning product. If you’ve never tried it, seriously give it a try… it’s amazing and it’s very inexpensive. If you really don’t like the smell of white vinegar, try adding some lemon juice or essential oils. Definitely don’t let the smell throw you off, it really is an exceptional cleaner.

As for eating vinegar, it’s actually very good for us. (No, I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV… and this is not medical advice.)😃 Vinegar has been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helping to reduce the risk of becoming overweight and potentially helping to reduce the effects of diabetes. No joke.

Does it kill germs? You Betcha!  It’s a great disinfectant. It works on salmonella, E. coli and other “gram-negative” bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria can cause pneumonia, meningitis, bloodstream infections, wound infections, surgical site infections, urinary tract infections and even peritonitis, which is the inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. Pretty crazy huh?!

Also, try it in place of heartburn medicine or if you’ve ever burned your hand while you’re baking, try white vinegar to soothe the pain. 

There are many, many more uses for white vinegar, including topical medicinal uses and it has antibacterial properties as well. It not only soothes skin burns but also minor cuts, rashes, bug bites… the list goes on!

Vinegar is also a power cleaner. I use on just about everything and seriously I am impressed with how well it cleans! Compare it to your floor cleaners, oven cleaners, glass cleaners or whatever other cleaners, I know you’ll be impressed.

I also put white vinegar in with my towels when I’m washing them. They come out of the dryer so fresh and fluffy and NO they do not smell like vinegar!


Thank you for reading this. I wanted to write a quick post on this because this is another HUGE MONEY SAVER!  Trust me… it’s not only about the money, it really is amazing how well white vinegar disinfects and cleans so many different things. Try it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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