The Work At Home Job You Never Thought Existed

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The Work At Home Job You Never Thought Existed
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 That sweet work/life balance is definitely something more and more people are looking for. It is far more attainable today than ever before and with this job you can reach that goal. You don’t have to choose between a career and life. You just found The Work At Home Job You Never Thought Existed.


The Work At Home Company

The company is Belay. BELAY was founded on this simple idea: there aren’t just two options for work. They believe there’s another way – what they call The Third Option. This option allows you to work from home (so you have far more opportunities to get work you love) while choosing how much you work. Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant, a Bookkeeper, a Web Specialist or a Social Media Strategist… they have clients right now who need the expertise and insight you bring to the table. And because you’re remote, you can bring your knowledge right from the kitchen table.

Having over 10 years of experience being a thriving 100-percent remote company, Belay has rounded up all of their resources to help you make the leap, be prepared and get to work with confidence – all from home! Click below (no email needed) to get:

The WAH Job You Never Thought Existed

A remote position where you serve as your client’s indispensable partner

An opportunity to use your talents and skills to build your client’s success

A community of contractors to share ideas and best practices

Regular support and guidance from your BELAY team

The Application Process

Conducted over email and video conference calls, their application process consists of two interviews along with a skills assessment. Once your application is submitted, be on the lookout for an ‘’ email. Most candidates move from initial interview to final interview within a week or two.

So it’s basically :

Submit your online application

Go through their assessment process to see if they’re the right fit for you

Once approved, they match you with your ideal client


The Benefits


Working with Belay means some awesome benefits:


You do not have to choose between a career and a life

You can work as many hours as you want (from 10-40+ hours per week)

You’re freed from your cubicle and all the office drama

There’s no commute

You get to use your skills at home and get the wonderful sought after, work/life balance

You’re going to be part of an awesome work at home community

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The Available Jobs

Belay Bookkeeper

Belay Social Media Strategist

Belay Virtual Assistant


If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia area there are three other work at home opportunities available that are full time positions. Just click the names below:

Client Success Consultant (Account Manager)

Human Resources Generalist

Senior Salesforce Developer

To your success!


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